House developer rewards Honiton brothers who sacrificed birthday gifts so family could save for a new home

Football-mad brothers from Honiton who went without presents so their family could afford to buy their own home have been rewarded for their selflessness.

Schoolboys James and Dean Manvell, who recently moved into a new-build three-bedroom home, at Hayne Farm, in Honiton, helped their parents save for a deposit through forfeiting birthday and Christmas presents.

When developer Baker Estates heard of the brothers’ sacrifices, site manager Robin Palmer stepped in and gifted footballs and a goal post for the boys’ new garden.

The youngsters’ mum, Michelle, said the boys had given up treats for almost a year while the family saved hard for a deposit for the home.

She said: “The boys understood that we had to save really hard for a deposit for our new house for nine months and we went without many things over that time.

“We used to live in a rented flat so they are over the moon to be in their own home with a garden.”

James, aged 11, said: “It’s so much fun having the new goal. We can now practice our free kicks and penalties.”


The brothers have been enjoying their new football goal.
Photo: with permission.

The developer said it treated the boys to football gifts to complete the family’s move.

Annie Williams, head of sales at Baker Estates, said: “We are only too pleased to help after hearing how the boys helped to save for their new home.

“To supply a couple of footballs and a goal for James and Dean to enjoy is the least we could do.”

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