E-cig vape ‘fire’ at flats in Axminster prompts praise for residents’ smoke alarms

An alarm triggered by using an electronic cigarette at flats in Axminster prompted firefighters to praise the occupants for having a working smoke detector.

Firefighters were called to an area of the town on Friday evening (November 19) after a smoke alarm was heard sounding within a building.

When the crews arrived at around 6.45pm they found no fire within the property, but use of an e-cigarette vape.

The Axminster crew said the false alarm showed the importance of having a working smoke detector.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “Our crew attended a property in Axminster after reports the smoke alarms were sounding within the building and people were unsure what had caused them to go off.

“Once on scene our crews confirmed the alarm originated from one of the flats and immediately got to work investigating the cause.

“Crews were quickly able to determine there was no signs of smoke or fire within the property and in fact the alarms had been triggered by someone using a vape indoors.

“Although a false alarm this incident shows how important it is to have working smoke alarms in your property.”

Firefighters urged East Devon residents to test smoke alarms weekly and change the battery annually unless the unit is a 10-year system.


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