Exmouth RNLI joins night-time search for woman who fell on cliffs near Teignmouth

An Exmouth RNLI training exercise turned into a night-time rescue mission after a woman fell near cliffs near Teignmouth.

The all-weather lifeboat was tasked shortly after 8pm on Wednesday (November 10) to rescue the woman, who had fallen between Ness Cove and Labrador Bay near Teignmouth.

The Exmouth RNLI crew stood down shortly before 9pm after the woman was found on the cliff top.

Steve Hockings-Thompson, Coxswain, said “This was a multi-agency response involving several other emergency search and rescue services.

“We were pleased to assist, respond quickly to the tasking and give what help we could to ensure this incident resulted in a positive outcome.”

Exmouth RNLI said the casualty was left in the care of the other specialist rescue services and the all-weather lifeboat returned to its station, where it was back on service a short time later.

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