Webster’s Garage car park in Axminster to reopen while owner waits to redevelop site

A shut car park at the Webster’s Garage site in Axminster is to be reopened and managed by East Devon District Council (EDDC). 

The authority will enter into a temporary, one-year extendable contract to manage the site on the corner of Lyme Street, writes Local Democracy Reporter Joe Ives.

It is hoped the facility will help boost the town’s economy.

EDDC predicts it will run the car park for the next 18 months – the length of time remaining for the temporary planning permission it has been granted.

The proposal was given the go-ahead at the October full meeting of EDDC.

Councillor Tom Wright said Axminster ‘didn’t seem very much alive’ when he was there recently, adding the town  ‘needs all the help it can get’.

Hallmark Estates, which owned the plot, asked EDDC to take over the car park while it waits for planning permission to redevelop the site.

Revenue from parking will be returned to the owner, but the council will recover running costs.

The car park had previously been run by private operator National Car Parks (NCP).

An officer’s report to EDDC  said it is important for the town that the car park reopens as soon as possible.

It added it was important to ‘visually convey the message that Axminster is ‘open for business’ and of course to offer increased parking availability in the run up to Christmas’.

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