Semi-conscious woman is airlifted to hospital after slipping on path near Sidmouth

A semi-conscious woman was airlifted to hospital with injuries after she slipped on a wet path near Sidmouth.

Beer Coastguard Rescue Team was called to Jacob’s Ladder on Sunday morning (October 3), at around 11.45am, to give treatment to the woman until the air ambulance arrived.

The woman, who had an injury to the back of her head, and hip and back pain, was carried by stretcher up the path to the air ambulance.

After the woman was examined it was decided to airlift her to hospital.

A Beer Coastguard spokesman said: “We were tasked along with Devon Air Ambulance to a lady who had slipped on the wet path at Jacob’s Ladder. She had an injury to the back of her head, along with hip and back pain and was reported to be semi-conscious.

“Our team members were first on scene and gave initial treatment until the air ambulance paramedics arrived very shortly afterwards.

“After the lady was given a thorough examination it was decided to fly the lady to hospital for further treatment.

“She was packaged onto a stretcher and we carried her back up the path to the air ambulance.”

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Injured woman unable to move after fall on Sidmouth coast path is carried to safety by Coastguards

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