‘Flooding expected’ in parts of East Devon after heavy overnight rain raises river levels

Overnight heavy rain has resulted in the possible flooding of low-lying land and roads in East Devon, close to the River Clyst.

The Environment Agency (EA) said flooding was possible because River Clyst water levels were high and expected to continue to rise throughout Tuesday (October 5).

An earlier flood warning for areas near the River Axe was removed after water levels fell below levels of concern, although standing water on fields was expected to remain until later in the week, the EA said.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said of the Rivers Clyst, Culm and their tributaries: “Flooding is expected to continue throughout Tuesday. River levels in the River Culm have receded today after the recent heavy rainfall, however river levels will remain high in the River Clyst throughout the day.

“Flooding of low-lying land in the floodplain and roads close to rivers is expected to continue, primarily along the lower reaches of the River Clyst, although we do not expect to meet flood warning levels.”

Multiple alerts and warnings remain in place on rivers throughout the UK after torrential rain fell overnight across the country.

Falling river levels has resulted in the removal of some earlier flood warnings.

An EA spokesperson said: “The risk of flooding from the River Axe has now reduced, and river levels are falling below levels of concern.

“No further flooding to fields and roads is expected, however there may be standing water seen for several days.”

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