Abandoned upside down kayak spotted in river near Exmouth sparks lifeboat launch

An abandoned kayak spotted floating upside down in the River Exe sparked a search of the area by Exmouth RNLI.

The inshore lifeboat launched shortly before 6pm on Monday (October 4) and crew found the abandoned vessel shortly after.

The unaccompanied boat was taken to safety by the inshore lifeboat crew, a spokesman for the RNLI said.

The lifeboat crew stood down after the rescuers and Coastguard found no one in difficulty.

A lifeboat spokesman said: “HM Coastguard tasked Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat to a report of an apparently abandoned kayak seen drifting upside down on the River Exe.”

The lifeboat, launched at 6.05 pm – crewed by Scott Ranft, Steve Satchell and James Edge – ‘immediately sped to the scene and commenced a search of the area’.

The spokesman added: “They quickly located the kayak at 6.13pm on the Exmouth side of the River Exe and recovered it to a safe location.

“Following a further search the volunteer crew satisfied themselves that there was no-one in difficulty in the area and at 6.30pm they were stood down by HM Coastguard.”

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