Injured woman unable to move after fall on Sidmouth coast path is carried to safety by Coastguards

A woman who tripped and fell on the coast path near Sidmouth was carried by stretcher to safety by the Beer Coastguard rescue team.

Coastguard members were called to an area of coast path east of Sidmouth shortly before 5pm on Monday, September 27, where they found a woman unable to move, with pain in her hip and leg.

The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance after she was stretchered by the coastguard team to meet paramedics.

Coastguards took the decision to carry the casualty because the fall location could not been reached by ambulance.

A Beer Coastguard rescue team spokesman said: “She had twisted when falling and had pain in her hip and leg and was unable to move.

“An ambulance had been requested, but no estimated time of arrival could be given.

“On our arrival we gave initial treatment, made her comfortable and kept her warm.

“Due to the inaccessible location, it was decided to package the casualty on our stretcher and carry her to a location where an ambulance could access.”

The spokesman added: “The HART team paramedics had been tasked and they continued with the casualty care on their arrival.

“An ambulance arrived on scene and she was taken to hospital.”

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