New £76,000 CCTV system is unveiled in Exmouth – and captures assault within hours of being switched on

A new high-definition CCTV system in Exmouth captured and assault within hours of being turned on. 

Ten wireless and re-deployable cameras are being installed at a cost of £76,000.

Seven are situated strategically around the town and, for the first time, three have been placed to cover the Esplanade.

The system, officially unveiled on Friday (August 13), was installed on 27 July.

And Exmouth Town Council says that, within six hours of it being switched on at 4.30pm, a trio of the cameras covering the Strand captured an assault involving a group of youths.

The high-definition footage has been passed to police.

Councillor Fred Caygill, chairman of the Exmouth CCTV Working Party said: “I am pleased that we are able to provide Exmouth police with footage of extremely high-quality for evidence purposes to assist them in their enquiries regarding this incident.

“Hopefully the footage will result in the identification of the perpetrators of this assault, ensuring that they are held accountable for their actions.

“The safety of the community is very important for a town such as ours which relies on tourism as a major factor in its local economy.

“I am confident that this system will contribute to continuing to make Exmouth a safe and happy place to work and relax in.”

Town councillors set about replacing the town’s 30-year-old CCTV system after it was told in 2018 the district authority would stop funding it from April this year.

The new cameras have been positioned on the existing stanchions.

An Exmouth Town Council spokesperson said: “We have sited seven cameras strategically around the town centre to give us a wider coverage of the public realm and a new camera on the Esplanade, with a further two to follow in September of this year, when the associated engineering works for two new stanchions have been completed.

“The cameras are high specification, re-deployable cameras which can be relocated to new positions in the town if needed. The cameras are made in the UK with UK manufactured parts.”

The £76,000 cost of the new system has been funded by Exmouth Town Council with some of the costs offset by grants of £15,000 from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and £12,000 from Devon County Council’s Investing in Devon Programme.

Devon County Council chairman Jeff Trail said: “This is an excellent project, led by Councillor Fred Caygill on behalf of Exmouth Town Council, to procure and implement a modern, up-to-date wireless re-deployable CCTV system. “I am pleased that we were able to contribute some funding to this project.”

East Devon MP Simon Jupp said: “We now have an impressive CCTV system that will improve community safety and assist the police in Exmouth to detect and identify those who have committed a crime.

“This will undoubtedly bring more people to justice and help make Exmouth an even better place to live, work and visit.”

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