Sidmouth Air Show 2021 needs you! Call for volunteer bucket collectors is made in a bid to help safeguard event’s future

A call has gone out for volunteer bucket collectors to help at this year’s Sidmouth Air Show on Friday, August 27.

Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce is keen to recruit volunteers to take contributions from the scores of spectators, saying the help is integral to the free event being held in the future.

Volunteers signing up to take donations are needed for around two hours, from 5pm until 7pm.

Those planning to register to volunteer are urged to get in touch before Monday, August 16.

Dave Cook, chairman of the town’s Chamber of Commerce, said: “Following the cancellation of last year’s event due to Covid we are very pleased that Sidmouth Town Council are putting on the air show again this year, including the return of the Red Arrows.

“The event brings many thousands of visitors to Sidmouth during the day and in the early evening the Esplanade, the beach, and surrounding area is a mass of spectators looking up.

“The cost of this annual spectacle requires contributions from those attending to provide Sidmouth Town Council with the funds to be able to host the event.

The town’s Chamber of Commerce  members, often with family, colleagues and friends help in the fundraising by providing many of the collecting team, Mr Cook said.

He added: “The event is very beneficial to a large number of businesses in the town and can only continue if Sidmouth Town Council collect enough to pay for this wonderful annual spectacle.

“Please help us make this year’s event such a success that we can confidently do it again next year.”

Volunteers will be notified of where they register and pick up the collection buckets, Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce said.

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