Police warn of bogus health worker and carer calling at homes in Exmouth

A woman claiming to be a health worker has called at a home in Exmouth, tried to sell medical equipment and asked for medication details, police have warned.

Police said a similar incident was reported, also in Exmouth, of a person calling at an address, pretending to be a home carer.

Devon and Cornwall Police said on both occasions the residents received a telephone call prior to the bogus health worker visits.

Officers are urging against inviting cold-callers into homes, or buying any equipment or services for sale.

Police want anyone receiving similar cold-calls in Exmouth to report the activity to Action Fraud.

The bogus female health worker was dressed in black and wearing a white plastic apron, said police.

One of the women was seen driving a dark-coloured vehicle.

Another woman claiming to be a health worker arrived in a silver-coloured Mercedes, police said.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: “Police have received reports of a bogus female health worker calling at an address and attempting to get the resident to buy some sort of medical device and also asking to see the resident’s medication.

“On both occasions the residents have received a telephone call a couple days prior to the home visit.

“The bogus female health worker was dressed in black and wearing a white plastic apron. The female arrived in a dark-coloured vehicle.

“On another occasion a female attended another property and arrived in a silver Mercedes.

“We are also aware of similar incidents where a person pretending to be a home carer calls at an address attempting to gain access.”

The police spokesperson added: “Residents are reminded not to engage with cold callers on the door step or to enter into any purchases or arrangements or work to be done.

“Do not open the door if you are uncomfortable doing so. A door chain allows you to open the door enough for you to see who is calling  before shutting the door if necessary.

“Always ask for ID and remember you are under no obligation to buy anything on your own doorstep.”

Police urged residents to report any suspicious callers and vehicles, by calling 101, or 999 if you feel threatened.

Anyone receiving similar contact is urged to report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or online here.

Fraud advice can be found on the Devon and Cornwall Police website here.

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