Sidmouth sends wave of hope to G7 world leaders in Cornwall

Decorated hands sent from Sidmouth were seen by G7 world leaders when the painted palms joined a Wave of Hope in Cornwall.

Christian Aid supporters teamed up with churches and schools across Devon and Cornwall in a bid to send a message to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the other G7 world leaders, to tackle injustice, poverty, and highlight climate change.

To coincide with the G7 summit, painted hand shapes made in Sidmouth went on display in some of the town’s churches, and were also exhibited in the Wave of Hope at St Anta Church, in Carbis Bay, close to where the event was held.

Ann Foster, Christian Aid supporter and member of All Saints Church, Sidmouth, said a Wave of Hope was also created in Sidmouth, by Messy Church youngsters, who met outside for the artwork.

Ann, who was joined by Jill O’Hara, Christian Aid supporter from Primley United Reformed Church, Sidmouth, said: “May the Wave of Hope encourage world leaders to take climate change seriously.

“Many people in the world are already suffering because of it.”


Designs created by All Saints Messy Church, Sidmouth.


Decorated hands on the Sidmouth Primley Church notice board.

Katrine Musgrave, Christian Aid’s Church spokeswoman for Devon and Cornwall, said the decisions governments make now will affect all of us, for generations to come – including women and girls from the Global South, and other marginalised groups.


The Wave of Hope outside St Anta Church, in Carbis Bay.

She said: “Together, we can flood world leaders with our calls for a better future – our voices rising together, no matter where we are.

“By joining the wave Sidmouth becomes part of a much bigger picture.”

She added: “It’s time for the Prime Minister and the world’s governments to take action to address the biggest crises of our time and work together for a just and green recovery – one that provides vaccines and healthcare for all, fights poverty and injustice, and helps end the climate and nature crises.”

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