Laundry is damaged as clogged tumble drier filter sparks fire in East Devon village

Firefighters tackling a tumble drier blaze at a village in East Devon have issued a safety message to regularly clean the machines.

Crews from Colyton and Seaton were called to a home in Branscombe shortly after noon on Wednesday (June 9) after smoke was seen coming from an outbuilding.

The fire service said the blaze in a laundry room was caused by a blocked tumble drier filter, damaging clothes and the machine.

A Colyton fire station spokesperson said: “The fire was quickly got under control using two breathing apparatus wearers.

“The smoke was then cleared using a positive pressure ventilation fan.”

They added: “The cause of the fire was an excess build-up of lint. Please remember to clear out your tumble dryer’s fluff filter regularly.”

A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (DSFRS) spokesperson said firefighters wore breathing apparatus and used jets to extinguish the flames, clearing smoke with a ventilation fan.

“On arrival, crews found a laundry room, in a separate building to the main property to be heavily smoke-logged,” said DSFRS.

“Crews got to work with two breathing apparatus wearers and one hose reel jet to investigate the cause of the smoke.

“This was a fire, caused by a clogged filter in a tumble dryer which had also damaged the laundry.”

The spokesperson added: “Crews used one hose reel jet, one safety jet, two breathing apparatus wearers – and a positive pressure ventilation fan was used to clear the building of smoke.

“Damage was confined to the tumble dryer and laundry.

“Duty of care was left with the occupiers.”

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