Rescuers called after tide drags snorkellers out to sea ‘in seconds’ near Axmouth Harbor

Beer Coastguard and the Lyme Regis lifeboat were on Monday evening (June 7) tasked to a report in East Devon of four people being washed out to sea and shouting for help.

When the coastguard team arrived, they spotted two people leaving the sea near Axmouth Harbour and discovered no one else was in difficulty in the water.

The pair had been snorkelling near the river mouth and within seconds found themselves out at sea, caught on a fast-flowing ebb tide.

When it was found no one was in danger the rescue teams stood down and a local boat, who joined the search, left the scene.

A Beer Coastguard spokesperson said: “While the team were practising rope rescue skills at Beer Head, we were tasked to a report of four persons washed out to sea and shouting for help at the mouth of the river Axe.

“Lyme Regis lifeboat were also tasked.

“As we arrived at the Axe Yacht Club and spoke with the first informant, two persons were seen coming ashore east of the river mouth.

“A local boat had also relaunched and was searching 200 meters off the river mouth.

“Lyme lifeboat started searching looking for other persons in difficulty.”

The spokesperson added: “We made contact with the two that had come ashore and we soon determined no other persons were in difficulty and all units were stood down.

“The two people had been snorkelling around the river mouth and got caught in the current on a dropping tide and were 200 metres  out to sea in seconds.”

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