Pride as new flags fly in Exmouth to celebrate diversity and inclusion

Unique flags celebrating diversity and inclusion will fly in Exmouth throughout June to mark International Pride Month.

While the annual Exmouth Pride celebrations have been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, some 17 specially-commissioned flags will be raised in the town centre and along the seafront.

The town’s Pride celebrations are expected to return to Exmouth in 2022, to be held in Manor Gardens.

Exmouth Pride organisers hope the flags will help raise awareness of LGBT+ issues (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other minority sexual orientations and gender identities) following the cancellation of the town’s 2021 Pride celebrations.

Chris Everall, of Exmouth Pride, said: “Visibility is an issue in the LGBT+ world and it is important for marginalised people, who often face issues of isolation, to see that they are welcome.

“We can’t do it with our annual celebration in the Manor Gardens this year, but we can still show that we are here.”

The flags have been designed with the help of local business, with the support of Exmouth Town Council, and lottery funding.

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