Police warn of cold-caller in Exmouth trying to buy motorhome

Police have warned of a cold-caller in Exmouth approaching a property with a motorhome, asking to buy the vehicle.

Officers said the man, who spoke with an Irish accent, claimed he was in the Rivermead Avenue area to buy a motorhome, then spotted another parked campervan, knocked at the door, uninvited, and proposed to buy it from the owner.

Officers believe the query was a scam way to dupe the owner into selling a vehicle at a lower price.

The man left after he was told the motorhome was not for sale, said police.

The cold-caller was spotted in the Rivermead Avenue of Exmouth in the afternoon of Friday, May 7.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: “Police would like you to be aware of the following suspicious circumstances

“On Friday afternoon, 7th May, a male with an Irish accent called uninvited at a home in the Rivermead avenue area of Exmouth.

“The male spoke with the householder saying that he was in the area purchasing a motor home and had noticed the occupier had one and was it for sale.

“He was told that it was not and the male left.

“We would like to warn any person approached to sell a motor home, car or motorcycle by an unsolicited person to be aware that even if a sale is made it is more than likely that the purchaser will return complaining of ‘multiple unmentioned faults’ at the time of sale and then pressurise the seller into selling at a much lower price.

“Owners are strongly advised not to enter into any sale agreement with unknown persons.”

Police said anyone with information about the cold-caller can speak to Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or report it online here.

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