Campaign shines spotlight on Exmouth tide times to safeguard public

The spotlight is on Exmouth tide times in a bid to save the public from being caught out and cut off by high water.

Exmouth RNLI and Exmouth National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) have teamed up to boost public safety, creating easy-to-read tide tables displayed prominently on the seafront.

Ivor Jones, NCI Exmouth station manager, said: “We are working hard together to try and increase public awareness of dangerous situations and hope that these initiatives will help both locals and visitors to stay safe this summer.”


One of the new displays of tide times.
Photo: Karen Goldby

The new tide tables can be found:

  • Outside Coastwatch House.
  • The display cabinet on the inshore lifeboat house.
  • The south facing wall of lifeboat station.
  • The window of the RNLI shop.
  • The rear of the lifeguard hut west of the lifeboat station.
  • The front of the beach rescue building opposite the lifeboat station.
  • The lifeguard hut at Orcombe point.
  • The café wall at Orcombe point.
  • On rubbish bins on the approach to the ramp at Orcombe Point beach.
  • At Sideshore by the serving hatch at the new Hangtime café
  • On the wall of Edge Watersports.

From the end of May, RNLI lifeguards will ramp up beach patrols from weekends and be on duty seven days a week.

When lifeguards are not present, a sign will be displayed on the slipway beside the Harbour View café, warning of strong currents and the areas of water the public should avoid.

An Exmouth NCI spokeswoman said: “This sign warns of strong currents and points the public away from this area.

“The tidal flow at this part of the beach is extremely fast flowing and at certain times of the tide the deep-water channel is only meters from the edge of the water.

“This is an extremely dangerous stretch of water.”


The sign warning of strong currents.
Photo: Karen Goldby.

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