PHOTOS: Honiton Beavers’ birthday celebrations mark group’s 35th anniversary

These photos show how birthday celebrations held to mark Honiton Beavers’ 35th anniversary included challenging the youngsters to make an edible lodge.

The children were also tasked with making a lodge to sleep in, other than their bed.

Helen Turner, 1st Honiton Scouts group leader, said: “We had a lodge for a family of Beavers with a lake, number thirty-five chocolate brownie lodge, cookie mountain lodge, pizza and garlic lodge and breadsticks and carrots lodge.”

The 35th birthday of the Honiton Beavers was on Thursday, April 1.


The children were challenged to make an edible lodge.


Chocolate fingers gets the thumbs up from this Beaver.


This edible lodge has the number 35 on the door.


The youngsters used their imagination and different food to create edible lodges.


The Honiton Beavers were challenged to create a lodge to sleep in.


Honiton Beaver leader Tigger, and her daughter, in their lodge tent for the night.

A carrot stick edible lodge.

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