Ottery residents give thanks to East Devon keyworkers with Easter eggs

Easter eggs and handwritten notes of thanks from Ottery St Mary residents have been delivered to keyworkers in the area.

Retired residents living at Tumbling Weir Court, in Mill Street, were keen to thank local keyworkers who have ‘gone above and beyond’, looking after the community amid the pandemic and helping with the fast roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Moya Catney, House Tumbling Weir Court manager, said: “These past few lockdown periods have certainly been challenging for all of us.

“We have such a fantastic community here and we didn’t want to lose that spirit, so we have worked hard to make sure everyone has felt supported, connected, and happy throughout this difficult time.”

“All the homeowners here are really grateful to the local keyworkers, particularly for working so hard to roll-out the Covid-19 vaccination. It’s definitely put them at ease, as well as brought a huge sense of relief to the community.”

She added: “Now that restrictions are loosening, we’re all looking forward to re-starting some of the social activities with the homeowners, such as our coffee mornings and movie nights.

“Hopefully we can get back to some kind of normality by the summer.”

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