Paddleboarders in difficulty off Exmouth spark afternoon lifeboat launch

A pair of paddleboarders spotted in difficulty off Exmouth on Tuesday afternoon (March 30) sparked the launch of the inshore lifeboat.

RNLI volunteers launched the inshore lifeboat (ILB) shortly before 2.30pm, after reports two women paddleboarders were unable to make their way back to shore.

The crew located one of the women by the green market buoy, and brought her back to safety onboard the lifeboat.

The other paddleboarder, reported to be off Orcombe Point, made her way back to shore unaided.

Exmouth RNLI urged anyone taking to the water to check tide and weather conditions before venturing out to sea.

Guy Munnings, ILB helm, said, “The two casualties had got into a situation where they couldn’t make progress and were out to sea.

“It’s always wise to check the sea conditions and I would urge anyone going on the water to always check the locality, weather and tides before venturing out and to carry appropriate safety equipment.

“Myself and my crew were pleased to be assist in this emergency and ensure both casualties were safe and well.”

Exmouth RNLI said the first paddleboarder was found at 2.46pm and taken on board the inshore lifeboat.

While heading to the second casualty the lifeboat crew learned she had ‘self-recovered’ and was ashore.

The lifeboat crew took the lone casualty back to Exmouth Marina.

Both women were found to be uninjured and did not require medical treatment, Exmouth RNLI said.

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