Seaton: Vets issue warning after abandoned fishing hook gets stuck in dog’s tongue

Vets in Axminster have urged fishing fans to take tackle home after a hook left on Seaton beach became lodged in a dog’s tongue.

Black Labrador Tinker had to be sedated after her beach walk ended in a vet visit when her owner spotted a large metal fishing hook stuck in the dog’s mouth.

The dog was taken to Coombefield Veterinary Hospital, in Coombe Lane, Axminster, where the sharp metal hook was removed by vet Chris Ogden and vet nurse, Amy Robinson.

Tinker was expected to make a full recovery.

Vets at the practice said fishing tackle can ‘really harm’ animals if not disposed of responsibly.

A Coombefield Veterinary Hospital spokesperson said: “Brave Tinker was brought into our Axminster hospital after getting a fish hook stuck in her mouth on Seaton beach.

“Vet Chris and veterinary nurse Amy immediately sedated Tinker to retrieve the hook, which had been lodged in her tongue.

“Luckily there was no major damage.

“Amy x-rayed Tinker’s chest and abdomen to confirm she hadn’t swallowed any other hooks.

“Tinker quickly recovered from her sedation and was able to go home.

“We expect her to make a full recovery.”


The fishing hook removed from Tinker’s mouth after walking on Seaton beach.
Photo: with permission Coombefield Veterinary Hospital.


Tinker at the vets after the fishing hook was removed.
Photo: with permission Coombefield Veterinary Hospital.

The pet was taken to the vet in March after the Tinker’s owner spotted the metal hook in the dog’s mouth while walking on Seaton beach.

“Please be careful when you are fishing, and that you don’t leave any fishing hooks or fishing line behind,” the Coombefield Veterinary Hospital spokesperson said.

“It can really harm people’s dogs and our wildlife.”

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