New community larder in Seaton to offer free food while reducing waste

A new community larder offering free fresh, frozen and tinned food is being launched in Seaton in a bid to tackle waste.

People living in Seaton can use the community larder and take free food without the need for a smartphone or app, said SAVE food hub, the community group fighting food waste in East Devon.

The larder will be open above the Natural Worx shop, at 1, Vintage Court, The Square, Seaton, from 10.30am to 1.30pm every Wednesday and Saturday, starting from Wednesday, March 10.

Aileen Heal, trustee for SAVE food hub, said “We will have fresh bread, eggs, fruit and vegetables and have been stocking our freezers for weeks.

“We also have pasta and tinned goods.”

She added: “What’s unique about us is we collect all types of food, with nothing left to waste.

“We need people to take all the food from us the food banks can’t use.

“You’re not taking food from someone’s table nor making anyone go hungry.

“You’re saving good food, and the energy and water used to grow, manufacture and transport it is not being wasted.

“People say to me, ‘We don’t need it, thank you. We can afford to buy food’.

“What I say is, ‘if you care about people and our planet – can you afford not to’?”


The Seaton community larder opens on March 10.
Photo: SAVE food hub.

The Seaton community larder is a result of a partnership between SAVE food hub and Natural Worx.

Grace Hagget, from Natural Worx, said: “We are very pleased to be working with SAVE food hub to offer a space for a community larder.

“They have achieved so much in the last seven months and we are glad to be a part of this next chapter, bringing free food to more local people and preventing it from becoming waste.”


The larder will be open above the Natural Worx shop.
Photo: SAVE food hub.

Since SAVE food hub began seven months ago, it has shared 21,200 items of food with the local community, saving 27,000 meals and 8.54 million litres of water.

In addition, it has also given more than 280 crates of food to local food banks and community food projects.

SAVE food hub said the latest community larder was part of a growing effort nationwide to reduce the five million tonnes of edible food currently being wasted in Britain each year.

SAVE food hub is always looking for more volunteers.

For more information on joining, see here.

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