Police warn against buying goods from young doorstep cold-caller in Exmouth area

Police are warning Exmouth residents about reports of a man going door-to-door selling housewares from a backpack.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the salesman, described as young and white, has been offering ‘low grade’ items for high prices.

Officers are urging against buying any goods, or striking up a conversation with the cold-caller, telling residents to call 999 if he becomes abusive or threatening.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: “There are reports of a young white male going door to door in the Exmouth and surrounding areas selling housewares from his back pack.

“The items are usually of low grade but high in price.”

Police said people were ‘advised not to purchase from him and if possible, not to engage in conversation with him or any similar persons.’

The police spokesperson added: “A simple ‘I’m not interested in purchasing any items thank you’ should be enough, but if he becomes abusive or threatening please call 999.”

  • East Devon News was told a man of a similar description was seen in Colyton, selling door-to-door, on Monday, March 8.

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