Carbon monoxide alarm sounding and ‘strange smell’ prompts evacuation of flats in Axminster

Residents were evacuated from flats in Axminster on Friday morning (January 15) because of a ‘strange smell’ and carbon monoxide alarm sounding.

A fire crew from Axminster was called to Stewart Court at around 10.30am where they led residents to safety and checked the building with gas monitoring equipment.

The fire crew found no carbon monoxide leak and found the cause of the alarm was down to a low battery in the carbon monoxide detector.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “This incident highlights the importance of regular testing and maintenance of not only your smoke alarms but also your carbon monoxide alarms. Please make sure you test them regularly to ensure they are operating correctly.

“If you have any issues or concerns please contact us and our team will do what they can to help you.”

Firefighters wore breathing apparatus to safely access the property to evacuate residents.

The fire crew said it was called to the building because of reports of a carbon monoxide alarm sounding, and a strange smell reported in a flat.

The Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “One fire appliance from Axminster was mobilised to reports of a carbon monoxide alarm sounding with a strange smell in a flat.

“Upon arrival crews donned two breathing apparatus and entered the building to safely evacuate all residents of the property.

“Once all residents were led to safety crews checked the affected building using gas monitoring equipment.

“Fortunately, crews did not detect a carbon monoxide leak and managed to ascertain the cause of alarm was due to a low battery in the detector.”

The fire service urged residents to maintain fire detectors and carbon monoxide alarms by testing equipment once a month, checking and changing batteries, keeping alarms clean and replacing them every ten years.

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