East Devon ‘ethical supermarket’ celebrates launch of home delivery service

An ‘ethical supermarket’ that launched in Branscombe last year amid the pandemic has branched out to offer home delivery across East Devon.

After two years of planning, In My Back Yard (IMBY) began in April 2020 during the first coronavirus lockdown, sourcing as many products as possible within a 30-mile radius of its East Devon hub.

Now the cooperative business, which is run largely by volunteers, is offering home delivery to customers living within a 15-mile radius of the ‘ethical supermarket’.

A spokesperson for the cause said: “In My Back Yard – also known as IMBY – is a local, online, ethical food shop and grocery delivery service which launched in Branscombe in April 2020 as an emergency response to the Covid pandemic.

“After two years of planning and preparation it was due to launch in the summer but its time came sooner than expected.

“After nine months of growing and supplying more households, IMBY has officially added a home delivery service for its local, ethical and naturally-grown/certified organic produce that’s free from genetically modified organisms and chemicals that harm people, soils and habitats.”

The spokesperson added: “In My Back Yard sources as much produce as it can from within thirty miles of its Branscombe hub, delivering within fifteen miles to customers.

“The cooperative is very much looking toward a changed food future, working with producers and communities to support the local economy, trade and environment.

“By sourcing locally and encouraging new entrants into growing and farming opportunities, IMBY hopes to help build adaptable and flexible resilience into our local food industry.”

Customer Mark Diacono, an award-winning book writer, grower and cook from Sidmouth, said: It’s essentially a local, ethical supermarket that not only offers incredible food – it was created from the ground up.

“This way of shopping has us directly investing in our local landscape, the care of our soils and supports a community of passionate and dedicated growers and makers.”

For more information about IMBY, see here.

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