Another four Covid-related deaths in East Devon and nine more in Exeter

Four more coronavirus-related deaths have been recorded in East Devon and another nine in Exeter, according to the latest weekly figures.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) data published today (Tuesday, December 8) shows the seven-day toll of 40 across Devon and Cornwall is the region’s highest since the start of May.

They relate to deaths which occurred in the week of November 21 – 27 and were registered up to December 5.

Three of the deaths recorded in East Devon were at hospital and one was at home.

Eight of the fatalities in Exeter were in hospital and one was in a care home.

There were seven deaths in Plymouth; nine in Torbay; three in Teignbridge, two in both North Devon and Mid Devon; and one in the South Hams.

Three deaths due to coronavirus were recorded in Cornwall.

The previous seven-day period saw 34 Covid-related deaths – two of them in East Devon and two in Exeter – recorded across Devon and Cornwall.

In total, 61 Covid-19 deaths have now been registered in East Devon; 27 of them in hospital, 29 in care homes and five at home.

The total for Exeter is 52; 28 of them in hospital, 22 in care homes and two at home.

Some 738 coronavirus-related deaths have been registered across Devon and Cornwall; 422 in hospitals, 255 in care homes, 57 at home, one in a hospice and three ‘elsewhere’.

Of these, 125 have been in Plymouth, 97 in Torbay, 47 in Teignbridge, 32 in North Devon, 27 in Torridge, 25 in Mid Devon, 22 in West Devon, and 20 in the South Hams

A total of 231 deaths due to the virus have been registered in Cornwall.

The ONS figures for Devon and Cornwall include people who have died at home, in hospital, in care homes, hospices, ‘other’ communal places, or ‘elsewhere’.

They are broken down by the local authority area in which the deaths were registered.

Government figures show at total of 1,718 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in East Devon to date. The number for Exeter is 2,777.

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