Fully-clothed man seen walking into water at Exmouth sparks sea and shoreline search

Reports that a fully-clothed man had walked into the sea at Exmouth on Tuesday night (November 17) sparked a search by the emergency services.

The police helicopter, Exmouth Coastguard and RNLI crews from Exmouth and Teignmouth searched the water and shoreline after a man was said to have walked into the sea near the clocktower.

Police said further sightings reported a man was wearing a wetsuit, who returned to shore later.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokeswoman said: “A report came in about 8.30pm of a fully-clothed man walking into the sea; two further reports were of a man in a wetsuit, coming out again a little while later.”

The spokeswoman said the police helicopter, coastguard and inshore lifeboat were called, but stood down.

An Exmouth coastguard spokesperson said: “Despite intensive shoreline searches by the coastguard and methodical searches by the lifeboats, nothing was found.

“An extensive sweep of the area by both helicopters using infrared lights found nothing.”

The emergency services stood down 10.45pm.

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