VIDEO: Dinghy duo ‘lucky to walk away’ as jaunt on rough seas ends in rescue from rocks at Beer Head

A duo in a dinghy had to be rescued when their venture onto rough seas ended up on the rocks at Beer Head.

Emergency services called to the scene yesterday morning (Wednesday, November 11) said the pair were ‘lucky to walk away’ from the jaunt in force seven winds.

Coastguard teams from Beer and Lyme Regis, Sidmouth Lifeboat and police were alerted to the incident, first reported at around 8.30am.

The two men, who were said to be trying to retrieve a fishing net, were given ‘a lot’ of safety advice by rescuers.

These people went out in conditions that they should not have been out in, and were lucky to walk away…

A Beer Coastguard spokesperson said its team arrived to find the dinghy ‘struggling in a heavy swell’.

They added: “A lifeboat and second coastguard team were requested as we needed team members on the beach as we could see them being swamped and washed ashore, their location meant it would be 20 mins before we could get to them.

“It was not long before they were washed up on the rocks.

“Sidmouth Lifeboat arrived on scene as our team reached the casualties.

“Luckily, they were not injured and had not taken in any sea water.

“Several team members from the Lyme Regis Coastguard team were also sent down Hooken Path to the beach to assist the Beer team members.

“The two casualties were walked up to the cliff-top where they were interviewed by the police, they were happy there was nothing untoward, and all units stood down after we gave them a lot of safety advice about conditions and what safety equipment they should have.

“These people went out in conditions that they should not have been out in, and were lucky to walk away.”

Police were called by the coastguard at around 9am.

A force spokesperson said: “Officers conducted enquiries at the scene, including a search of the boat, and ascertained that the males had put in a fishing net the night before and had gone to retrieve it.”

The Sidmouth Lifeboat crew of helm Ian Fletcher, Graham Trude, Dave Pearce and Toby Hoggarth made it back to their base on The Esplanade in time to mark the two-minute for Armistice Day.

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