Firefighters ‘hindered’ by parked cars in reaching Topsham bedroom blaze

Firefighters are urging Topsham residents to be mindful of where they park vehicles after crews faced delay reaching a bedroom blaze on Monday night (November 9).

Crews from Topsham and Middlemoor were called to a home in Monmouth Street at around 11pm after an electric blanket caught fire and spread to bedding and the mattress.

Firefighters said the crews’ access with the fire engines was ‘hindered’ by vehicles parked in narrow streets.

A Topsham Fire Station spokesman urged motorists to consider if a fire engine could easily pass their parked vehicle.

He said: “It was a little bit of a squeeze making our way down Monmouth Street between parked cars.

“Although our access was hindered – but not prevented – we would like to politely request that if parking your vehicle in narrow streets around the town, you take a second to consider how easily an emergency vehicle could get pass.”

The crews praised quick-thinking residents who stopped the electric blanket blaze from spreading and escalating.

The spokesman said: “Fortunately quick actions from the occupiers prevented the incident escalating and our actions were minimal.”

He added: “An electric blanket caught fire and spread to the bedding and mattress.

“Swift effective action from occupiers prevented further escalation and fire spread.”

Crews used a positive ventilation fan to clear the property of smoke.

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