Hoof been nicked! Police round up pair of goats on the run on Sidmouth road

A pair of cheeky goats spotted kidding around in a lay-by near Sidmouth were rounded up by police on Friday afternoon (November 6).

The pet goats were reported after a concerned member of the public raised the alarm, finding the pair near The Bowd at lunchtime.

It is not known how the pair goat there.

The animals were moved to a nearby paddock by a farmer after police used a throwline to secure the pair, saying ‘we goat this’.


The goats were spotted in a lay-by near The Bowd, Sidmouth.
Photo: Sally Macnamara.


Police arrived and the goats were tethered and led to safety.
Photo: Sally Macnamara.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: “We received reports from a concerned member of the public that goats were on the road near The Bowd, near Sidmouth, at around 1.20pm on Friday 6 November.

“Officers attended and a throwline was used to secure the animals, before a farmer helped move them into a nearby paddock.”


Photo: Sally Macnamara.

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