No switch-on event, but council promises ‘bigger and better’ Christmas lights in Sidmouth

Sidmouth Town Council has vowed to ‘pull out all the stops’ to spread some festive cheer with a ‘bigger and better’ Christmas lights display.

The Covid-19 pandemic means there will be no big switch-on this year, with the yuletide illuminations ‘quietly turned on’ when ready after November 17.

Councillor Ian Barlow, who chairs the council, said: “This year, with so many challenges already during the year and a very different Christmas on the cards, it is so important to show that Sidmouth community spirit is alive and well.”

Town clerk Christopher Holland added: “In these uncertain times, Sidmouth Town Council will still be providing their annual Christmas Lights display throughout the town this year.

“The council will be pulling out all the stops to provide a bigger and better display than ever to provide some festive cheer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Due to government restrictions there will not be a switch-on event as is usual and instead the lights will be quietly turned on once ready after 17 November.

“People will of course only be able to view the lights in line with government rules which will be in effect, for example, when carrying out essential shopping or exercise.”

The Christmas lights display is funded and provided by Sidmouth Town Council with a donation from Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce.

Individual shops provide their own displays in windows and on their frontages.

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