Dog owner uses What3Words app in East Devon river bank rescue

A dog that fell down a bank beside the River Otter was located by East Devon emergency services using the What3Words app.

Beer and Exmouth Coastguard Rescue teams were tasked with rescuing the terrier on Tuesday (October 27) after the dog became stuck.

The rescue teams successfully pinpointed the pet’s location after its owner used the What3Words app, showing the spot to within three meters.

The uninjured terrier was reunited with its owner after the dog made its own way to safety.

A Beer Coastguard Rescue team spokesman said: “We were tasked along with Exmouth Coastguard to a dog which had fallen from a bank beside the river Otter and was stuck.

“The lady owner was going to try and climb down to recover the terrier.

“Our operations centre advised her not to attempt rescue and wait for us to recover the terrier.

“The owner used the what three words app so we knew exactly where she was to within three-square meters.”

He added: “As we arrived on scene the dog managed to scramble up the bank, uninjured, to safety.”

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