Praise heaped on Exmouth community gardeners for making a difference to ‘the town of flowers’

Community gardeners in Exmouth have been thanked for striving to maintain ‘the town of flowers’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Exmouth in Bloom has praised all who have helped the volunteers to reach the group’s goal of making a difference to the town.

The gratitude follows volunteers’ efforts this week, as they finished the winter planting of the town’s 46 flower beds and other troughs.


Exmouth in Bloom volunteers planted up the winter displays.

Exmouth Bloom

Marion Drew, Exmouth in Bloom vice chairman, said: “We are most thankful to the people, businesses and town council of Exmouth who support Exmouth in Bloom.

“And we are so very proud of all the bloom volunteers who, through working together, help to achieve our objective to make a difference to our town and keep Exmouth’s reputation as the town of flowers.

The volunteer’s winter planting of Polyanthus, Myosotis, Violas and Bellis daisies in troughs, planters, beds and boats, was ‘soon completed’ within several hours thanks to the ‘military precision’ of a team of 21 volunteers, whose help was staggered to comply with coronavirus social distancing rules.

Bloom Exmouth


The socially-distanced team of Exmouth in Bloom volunteers.

The bloom group thanked volunteer Mike Hole, for watering and preparing the ground prior to planting.


The winter planting started before dawn with the arrival of the bloom delivery.


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