Temporary road signs outside Exmouth Deaf Academy installed after planning oversight

Temporary road signs are in place outside the new Deaf Academy in Exmouth until permanent fixtures arrive.

The laminated school signs, attached to lampposts by cable-ties in Douglas Avenue, were recently spotted being installed.


One of the temporary signs. Photo: David Bunton.

Devon county councillor Christine Channon says she has used £300 from her locality budget to cover the cost of the permanent signs.

She said interim road signs outside the Deaf Academy had been installed because of a planning oversight, which ‘did not include’ permanent signs.

Cllr Channon said: “The signs have been ordered and these temporary signs erected in the meantime.

“We are delighted that Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education has come to Exmouth and want to wish them every success.”

A spokesman for Devon County Council said: “The local member has provided a contribution for signs while the academy considers what they need in terms of alternative and additional pedestrian measures.

“The permanent signs have been ordered.”

A spokesperson for the Deaf Academy said: “Devon county councillor Christine Channon has kindly donated £300 for permanent signs to ensure the safety of our young, deaf students.

“In the meantime, in accordance and at the request of highway maintenance, The Deaf Academy Estates team have created and put up temporary signs until the permanent signs arrive.

“We love being part of Exmouth, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support from Christine Channon and our new local community.”

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