Lifeboats and coastguards rescue injured walker cut off by tide near Orcombe Point, Exmouth

An injured walker cut off by the tide near Orcombe Point near Exmouth on Thursday evening (October 15) was taken to hospital by ambulance after being rescued by coastguards and lifeboat volunteers.

The man was found to be suffering from a head injury and was given first aid before he was stretchered to Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat, transferred to the all-weather lifeboat, and taken to a waiting ambulance at the marina.

Henry Mock, inshore lifeboat helm, urged beach-goers to be aware of tides times in the Orcombe Point area.

He said: “It’s always important for members of the public to check out tide times along our coastline before venturing on walks along the beaches.

“Orcombe Point is a particularly vulnerable spot where extra care should be taken and tide times noted.

“Myself and my crew were pleased to assist in this successful rescue.”


The all-weather lifeboat took the casualty back to Exmouth marina to a waiting ambulance.
Photo: Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.

The lifeboats launched shortly before 6pm after the Coastguard raised the alarm an injured man was cut-off by the tide.

Beer and Exmouth coastguard teams were also tasked to help with the rescue.

The RNLI said the inshore lifeboat crew made its way to the location where a short time later the casualty was spotted on the shore.

The inshore lifeboat volunteers, helm Henry Mock, and crew Mark Champion and James Edge, went to the beach where the casualty was seen.

There, they gave him first aid then stretchered him back to the inshore lifeboat, transferred him across to the all-weather lifeboat, where, at 6.45pm, he was immediately taken to shore to a waiting ambulance.


Exmouth RNLI inshore and all-weather lifeboats.
Photo: Exmouth RNLI.

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