Players Roll-Up for busy week at Axe Cliff Golf Club

The weather was a bit kinder last week which brought some busy activity at Axe Cliff Golf Club, writes Dave Bruce.

The Tuesday Roll-Up boys enjoyed themselves, with John Purdy taking the spoils with a fine 37 points just beating Tony Strong’s 36. Tony did finish with a brilliant two on the difficult 18th, which takes some doing.

Geoff Hughes and I did play in the afternoon amongst the showers and sunshine, but as we were not in the Roll Up, I won’t tell you our scores.

However, we did have a fantastic lunch in the clubhouse with my lovely wife Sharon, prepared by Clare before we went out.

The jacket potato with prawns and salad were delightful.

She and top chef Wendy will be producing some delicious meals for the club and our visitors this autumn and winter.

On Wednesday, Jo Donmall organised a doubles competition for the ladies run as individual stableford and combined scores. She then went and won it with a splendid 32 points from young Stella Thompson. Margaret Kenchington, coming back into form, took third spot with 31.

Margaret and Stella also won the combined first nine with 34 points.

It was good to see Janet Dack and Helen Kenworthy taking the back nine with 31 points.

Also, on Wednesday, Bill Polley and our resident ‘egg man’, Paul Curtin, went out at 8am to compete in their semi-final of the coveted Scratch Cup.

A very friendly, and indeed, competitive close match ensued, with Bill finally winning on the 17th and now awaits his opponent in the final. Bill, our treasurer, did well to beat Paul who asked me not to mention the 12th so I won’t as I want my eggs this week!

Who will be the second finalist?

On Friday you could hardly get into the car park with a very good entrance for the first round of our Winter League competition and the weather forecast was dodgy, but favoured the early starters.

The competition this year is run as an individual stableford over the first 15 holes with the best five results of a possible seven games throughout the winter.

It also introduces mats on the tee with the start of winter rules giving preferred lies on the fairway.

It was good to see that Nigel Garwood went out early with Terry Jessup and David Lacey, who helped keep their beady eyes on his ball with a red ‘NG’ on it.

As a result, the positive support from Terry and David probably helped Nigel win the day with a solid 33 points.

He did mention that not playing with his usual partners also contributed to his clear head on the day.

I’m not mentioning any names but Richard advised me that Nigel loves winning when it means that his handicap is not cut!

As a former boy scout, I was pleased to miss enlistment which was scrapped before I was 18, but Nigel ended up as a lieutenant commander in the Royal Navy and is quick to remind us that he helped keep us safe in our beds at night with his sorties on the High Seas – thanks commander!

Nigel also had a great two on the long 14th par three.

The only other two came from, last year’s captain, Mick Swann, on the 11th.

Last, but not least, a big round of ‘get-well-soon’ wishes to our over-worked captain Rob Grove.

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