Reading award celebrations held at Ottery library after lockdown leaves youngster bookless and bored

Reading old favourites and delving into dad’s books helped Joel Roulson achieve his Booktrack award at Ottery St Mary Library.

Joel, aged 11, pictured here, is celebrating 100 reads and has revealed how the coronavirus lockdown often left him bookless and bored.

The youngster, seen here on the Ottery library steps with his Booktrack gold badge and certificate, was rewarded with a family pass for Wildwood Escot for his ‘great reading’.


Joel Roulson achieved his Booktrack award at Ottery St Mary Library.

Joel said: “I love reading. It is a great passion of mine and lockdown has shown me what it is like to go without a new book for days and even weeks – unfortunately.

“But it wasn’t all bad because it has led me to re-read some of my old favourites, allowing me to gain greater understanding and read some of my dad’s books, opening up a bigger window of reading, though eventually you just want one for your age group.”

Joel began his library-run Booktrack challenge in 2016, choosing Five Have a Mystery to Solve, by Enid Blyton as one of his first reads.

He finished the challenge last week, reading a series of Bear Grylls books.

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