Jet-skier comes to rescue of capsized kayakers being swept out to sea off Exmouth

A jet-skier came to the aid of a pair of capsized kayakers being swept out to sea off Exmouth.

The duo got into trouble on the River Exe estuary at around 11.45am yesterday (Saturday, September 19) after colliding with a buoy.

One of the casualties needed oxygen after suffering from extreme cold and was treated by paramedics.

The Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched to the incident and crew members gave first-aid before an ambulance arrived.

A spokesperson for the lifesaving charity said the kayakers had been heped to shore at Mamhead Slipway by a jet-skier.

They added: “Both kayakers, who were wearing proper buoyancy aids, were then given first aid by the RNLI crew including the administration of oxygen to one of the casualties who was also suffering from extreme cold.

“Having fully assessed the casualties, the crew called an ambulance to the scene to administer further medical aid.”

Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat helm Scott Ranft said” “It was very fortunate that both casualties were wearing proper buoyancy aids that undoubtedly helped prevent a more serious situation.

“Water users should take extra care especially over the next few days as there are some unusually high ‘spring’ tides and the water can be deceptively cold.

“We were able to reach the casualties quickly and administer immediate first-aid.

“I was pleased we were able to help and that there was a positive outcome to this assignment.”

RNLI Safety advice for kayaking and canoeing can be found here.

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