Council launches free ‘adapt and survive’ support for East Devon businesses in response to Covid crisis

Free business advice and training has been made available in East Devon to help firms adapt and change amid the pandemic uncertainty.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) said its £40,000 Adapt and Thrive support is in response to Covid-19, includes training, advice and direct consultancy, and is available to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established firms.

Councillor Paul Hayward, EDDC deputy leader and portfolio holder for economy and assets, said: “At a time when businesses, large and small, are struggling with ever-changing economic uncertainty, and the constantly shifting sands of consumer behaviour, it is essential that commercial organisations adapt to allow them to thrive in a completely different marketplace.

“Communication will be the key, and East Devon District Council is adapting its social media output to ensure that we reach as many businesses as possible to spread the message that we are here to help you – now, and in the future.

“Together, we’ll make East Devon the natural home for small business.”

EDDC said the tailored support for East Devon businesses was ‘over and above’ any other regional support.

The council’s Adapt and Thrive programme aims to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the largest businesses to start-ups and established SMEs.

The support programmes, delivered by Cosmic and Business Information Point, will include packages of training, advice and direct consultancy.

An EDDC spokesperson said: “Whether your business sales strategy needs changing to reflect changes in buying-habits, or your staff need support with working remotely – this programme of free support specific to your business, will offer you invaluable guidance on how to adapt and thrive at this time.

“The programme will be shaped by the businesses that engage and will be wrapped around their requirements, with a flexible offering of training, advice and consultancy, on a broad range of topics.”

They added: “Training and advice could cover aspects such as financial management and business strategies; adapting to change; managing staff culture; agile project management; marketing tactics; or adopting new digital solutions and processes.”

Training sessions for any eligible business based in East Devon begin at the end of September. They can be booked online.

Also coming is a four-part start-up business programme for budding entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in registering for support and would like an initial consultation, complete the form here, or see here for more details.


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