Honiton Bowling Club plays friendly games while Covid halts competitions

Weekly friendly games being held at Honiton Bowling Club are proving ‘very popular’ while coronavirus restrictions continue to halt competitions.

The club holds its friendly roll up games on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

To give the bowlers more of a challenge, competitions in four disciplines were recently played.

The winners were:

Pandemic Pairs – Colin Morfey and Carole Binmore;

Whitty 2 Wood Singles – Heather Chambers;

Hancock 3 Wood Singles – Sue Evans;

Boris 4 Wood Singles – Sue Evans.

Joan Mackintosh, club spokeswoman, said: “Honiton Bowling Club has seen none of the usual busy summer season at the club. However, bowling did not stop completely.

“The committee worked very hard to put into place all the necessary safety regulations to keep the members safe while still being able to bowl.

“Although we could not have inter-club matches, members were able to have friendly roll up games on a Tuesday and Thursday mornings, these roll ups have proved to be very popular.”

Honiton Bowling Club said the outdoor green is being kept open until the end of September.

Taster sessions and coaching are available by arrangement.

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