New Lympstone AFC boss still looking to add to squad ahead of Joma Devon and Exeter League campaign

Lympstone Football Club manager Dave Fairweather is still looking to add to his developing squad.

The new man in charge of the Lympets, who will play in Division One of the Joma Devon and Exeter League in the coming season, has got a number of key positions sorted.

But he still needs to recruit additional numbers – and quality.

Fairweather says: “Everything is in place at the club for the season to be a good one.

“I took the first team managers job at Lympstone as I recognise a club that shares my views on the game and is keen to both develop players and take the club further up the football ladder.”

Recruitment has, to date, been slow, but Fairweather says: “I get why it has been slow. As things stand, I don’t have a contact book full of names and numbers and, as yet, I don’t have a number two though that is something I am very keen to get.

“I also get that, with a full three weeks to go to the start of the season there are undoubtedly players at other local clubs waiting to see if they get a regular place in the club they are currently with and, if they don’t then perhaps, they’ll be looking for a new – and different – challenge.

“I am looking to reach out to just that sort of player – one who fancies a challenge because I really do believe that if we can put together the sort of side that it is possible to put together at this level then we really can enjoy a good season.”

Fairweather is both a manager and a qualified coach and has a clear vision as to what he wants in terms of his team.

He explains saying: “In an ideal world we’d get the majority of the squad training together I midweek.

“Of course, I appreciate that it is not always possible for 100 per cent of your squad to train, but in an ideal world the majority would be together in midweek so you can work on things ahead of the game the following Saturday.”

He continued: “The chairman [George Webster] is very dedicated and keen and I certainly share his vision that the football is all about everyone in it – and the various teams and age groups – and not all about one team.”

The Lympstone manager is keen to hear from any player who fancies a ‘new challenge’ and he can be contacted on o7791 774706.

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