Kind-hearted Kathy chips in to help feed struggling Exeter residents during pandemic

Potatoes grown on a once-vacant vegetable plot in Exeter have been harvested to help people struggling to feed themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

Three sacks-worth of spuds have been given to residents in need thanks to kind-hearted plot-holder Kathy Northcott and a quartet of green-fingered friends at the St Thomas Allotment Association.

They were grown at the city council-run plot at Guys Hylton Allotments on a formerly scruffy and unused plot.

Before lockdown, Kathy had also planned to utilise unsold potatoes from the allotments’ Trading Shed shop.

Kathy and her friends planted out 20 rows of potatoes which were subsequently given to Foodcycle Exeter and St Thomas Community Larder.

They were handed out to struggling families, couples and single elderly people during the Covid-19 crisis.

Kathy said: “As the project became known by other gardeners, other produce was gifted to us as well. The fruit of which I used to make 100 jars of allotment jam to give alongside the potatoes.

“It was very, very hard work at all stages but at the same time such a rewarding project.

“The donations were so warmly received and always gave us such a warm feeling knowing people were enjoying a jacket potato we had grown and given to them!”


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