More time in the technical area for Sidmouth Town AFC player-manager Danny

Sidmouth Town Football Club boss Danny Burwood is planning to spend less time on the pitch this coming league campaign – and more off it patrolling the technical area.

The Vikings boss said: “I know that player-managing is not ideal, either for the person tasked with doing it or the club.

“It’s far better that the manager has ‘eyes on’ the team from the technical area and not ‘in the thick of the action’.

“In my case, I do enjoy playing, but equally I recognise that my body is not able to get me up and down a pitch in the way I used to!

“That said, I am not hanging my boots up just yet. I know the club would be much happier for me to stay in the dugout and, in an ideal world, I’d not be needed.

“I am registered though, and I won’t hesitate to put the boots on if I think it will help the team.

“We do have Pokey [Sidmouth Town AFC head coach Paul Pocock] in the technical area with me so we’ll have eyes and ears in the event I am needed.”

Burwood has pulled his boots on every season for longer than he cares to remember and says: “Everyone says you are a long time out of the game when you did hang the old boots up.

“I love playing, but equally I am very respectful and indeed, mindful of the requirements of a team manager.

“Player-management is not easy and so I am going to be taking as much of a back seat as I can this season.”

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