‘New dawn’ for Sidmouth Running Club and new home at St John’s School

Sidmouth Running Club is to take up residence at St John’s School.

Chairman Terry Bewes said: “I have the privilege of leading the club out of the darkness of the last few months into a new dawn, and what a new dawn it is turning out to be.

“During the period of lockdown, we had over 90 members running.

“Firstly, on their own, taking selfies at various locations and landmarks that I set for them.

“Then, as the rules changed, in pairs. Another rule changed then allowed us to run in groups of six and then 12.

“This allowed us to form two off roads groups starting from different locations every Monday and Wednesday and with a number of leaders in each group we kept up our three-, four-, five- and six-mile distance runs.

“Now, from September 2, the club is not only back to the new normal, but a new home as well.

“With social distancing in place, we could no longer meet at the Port Royal club due to lack of space, but thanks to a very kind offer from Graham Hurrell, headmaster of St John’s School, which the committee were unanimous in accepting, we are moving there.

“The facilities made available to us will have enormous benefits for the club – one of the main ones being that we can now bring the junior section back into the main body of the club.

“Previous it was operated as a satellite body from Sidmouth College.

“As well as the sports hall, we have the football field along with another field, parking for around 80 cars, a committee room, catering facilities, storage for our equipment and, during my last visit to the main building, I found the perfect place to hold our AGM and trophy presentation when time allows.

“This extra space has also allowed us to introduce additional classes so we now have a full ‘Jeffing’ group being led by Alexa Baker and a full Mighty Green Pilates team with qualified instructor and club member Laura Broughton.

“Another member, Kate Truman, of Phyzz Soft Tissue Therapy, is offering members a rehab clinic once a week. Both are donating their time which is greatly appreciated.”

Terry added: “So, from the darkness we have emerged stronger, with a membership of over 270, recruiting another 12 members through lockdown, great new home, new classes.

“Of course, none of this would happen without a great deal of input from the members, whether on the committee, coaches, run leaders, our website and social media teams or the individual helpers who have taken on various roles.

“Now with more members volunteering for various posts and a fantastic group of members, the future certainly looks bright for Sidmouth Running Club.

“If you would like to join our friendly club that welcomes runners of all abilities, go to the membership tab on the web www.sidmouthrunning club.co.uk.

“A new beginners course starts in January.”

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