Why East Devon News needs your help…..

Let me explain why East Devon News needs your help….
I am asking you to please support our journalism with your money.

We know you like what we do, and trust what we write, so I am asking you to support our trusted news with an annual donation.

Because – to put it bluntly – without your help this news site will not survive.

I am asking each reader to please contribute £2 a year – or donate whatever you think our kind of journalism is worth.

I know some of you will continue reading this site without donating – thinking that the next person will contribute. But my fear is everyone will do that….

Since we launched our site just over a year ago, we have campaigned to save the East Devon fire stations under threat from closure or service cuts; we have championed scores of fundraising events for hundreds of local charities and individuals; shared your success stories; challenged the councils and local democracy on your behalf.

Our Covid-19 coverage has been extensive, highlighting what help is available, and giving you factual information, plus shining the spotlight on inspirational community stories from across East Devon.

We have never resorted to click-bait journalism – luring you in with a sensationalised and misleading headline to deceive you – and we never will.

Our journalism is trusted and well-researched. We won’t publish until we can tell you the full story.

If you think this type of journalism is worth protecting, then please show us your support and donate.

We know we don’t have a newspaper to offer you for your money – but the way news is delivered has changed.

But newspaper or not, it still costs to produce our journalism. Reporters cannot be expected to work for free. We all have bills to pay, and need to put food on the table.

I do not want to have to introduce a paywall to read our trusted news.

You may not realise that East Devon News is an independent publisher. There are no shareholders, board members or executives on big wages.

We will never take your donations for granted.

We are simply asking you to help us so we can continue giving you quality, trusted, journalism across East Devon.

What is that worth to you?

Thank you

Becca Gliddon

East Devon News Editor/Reporter

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