Police cracking down on anti-social behaviour in Axminster deal with rowdy youths disturbing residents

Police have this month been dealing with complaints of rowdy youths hanging around an Axminster park at night, disturbing residents.

The Axminster neighbourhood police team this month said it had received several complaints about youths’ night-time anti-social behaviour in the Foxhill play park, including the playing of loud music.

Officers have been urging residents to report any nuisance behaviour as the local police team is keen to crackdown on the anti-social activities.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: “Earlier this month the neighbourhood policing team urged members of the public to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour at the Foxhill Playing Field and play park, in order to help officers in dealing with the issue.

“A number of youths had been congregating in the park and disturbing local residents.

“We received a number of calls, the last ones being on Wednesday 12 August at around 9.40pm.

“Complaints have included reports of rowdy behaviour, noise and the playing of music at night.

“We have received no further calls since 12 August.”

The Axminster neighbourhood police team said nuisance behaviour can be reported at the time of the incident by calling 101, or by email.

Chris Bolsover, Police Community Support Officer for Axminster, said: “In order to help us to deal with the situation, please could any incidents be reported at the time and as much information as possible be given – including number, age, gender, description and, if known, any names.”

See the police website here for the 101 email form.

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