Police warn cold-callers selling solar panels and insulation are in East Devon, knocking at homes in Dalwood and Stockland

Cold-callers selling solar panels and foam insulation have been knocking on doors of East Devon homes in Dalwood and Stockland, police have warned.

Devon and Cornwall Police said officers have this week received a number of calls reporting rogue traders offering services in rural areas of East Devon, near Honiton.

Police are urging East Devon residents to ‘be on your guard’, warning that not everyone is a genuine caller.

Officers are warning against employing cold-callers, saying the work could come with a risk.

Anyone spotting rogue traders in East Devon is asked to contact the police with a description of the caller, and details of any vehicles and registration numbers.

Chris Bolsover, Police Community Support Officer at Axminster, said: “There have been a number of reports of cold-callers in the rural East Devon area in the last day or so, particularly around Dalwood and Stockland.

“These have included calls involving solar panels and foam insulation.

“Not everyone who calls at your door may be a genuine caller, so you should always be on your guard.

“Devon and Cornwall Police advise that you do not let anyone into your property who comes to your door uninvited or without a prior appointment.

“We advise that you do not agree to work offered by unsolicited doorstep callers, the risks are high.”

East Devon officers say anyone concerned about doorstep sellers should call the police, and report any rogue traders.

If you see anyone suspicious in your area, call Devon and Cornwall Police on 101, or email 101@dc.police.uk

If possible, give descriptions of offenders and any vehicle registration numbers.

For more information about doorstep crime, see here.

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