Runaway reptile Rex reunited with owner after escaping to Exeter park

Council workers found an unusual visitor in the grass at a green space in Exeter – a metre-long runaway reptile called Rex.

The monitor lizard had escaped from his owner’s bedroom and was spotted during the sweltering weather at the nearby Belle Isle Park this week.

A walker raised the alarm after seeing Rex in a wooded area before staff located him in long grass and left him in the safe keeping of Exeter Exotics.

He was reunited with his delighted owner and returned home on Thursday.

It was certainly a surprise to find a monitor lizard in our meadow grass…

The Exeter City Council member of staff who captured Rex said it was an unexpected discovery but she was delighted the story had a happy ending.

Cat Chambers, operations co-ordinator for the authority’s parks team, said: “It was certainly a surprise to find a monitor lizard in our meadow grass.

“I almost stood on him he was so well hidden.

“Devon Wildlife Trust had been out only an hour before laying reptile mats, I doubt this is what they had in mind!”

Monitor lizards are not native to the UK and are usually found in places like South-East Asia or Australia.


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