New Lympstone AFC manager seeks fresh faces for first-team

Lympstone Football Club manager Dave Fairweather is looking to recruit some new players and set up some pre-season games.

Fairweather attended his first club training session last Thursday and found plenty of the club’s second team present – but only one of last season’s first-team there.

He said: “That’s not a problem because I have been told that there are a couple of the side from last year that are staying with the club and could not get to that particular training session.

“It also means that I can now look to bring in players.

“On that side of things, I would really like to put together a first-team squad that will train on a regular basis.

“I am a great believer that a Saturday afternoon match will run all the smoother for you having worked with your players, even on a single night, in the week before.

“I recognise that at this level 100 per cent training night attendance is very rare, indeed unlikely, but it’d be good to get 70 or even 80 per cent turnout so you can work on things to make sure Saturday’s run the way you want them to run.

“Hopefully we will put together a side at Lympstone that will work along those lines.

“Of course, we can, and will, embrace any player who cannot commit to training, but the more who do, the greater chance we will have of enjoying a successful league campaign.

“I am very much of the thinking that planning and preparation are big parts of Saturday afternoon football success.”

Lympstone’s first-team are set to be part of the Joma and Stitch2Print Devon sand Exeter League Division One and any players interested in joining the club, and indeed any prospective pre-season opposition, are asked to contact Dave [Fairweather] on 07791 774706.

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