Unconscious pensioner on Sidmouth beach sparks rescue call to Beer Coastguard

Rescuers from Beer Coastguard were called to Sidmouth beach on Saturday lunchtime (August 8) after a pensioner fell unconscious.

The coastguard team had been initially tasked to find a paddleboarder reported in difficulty at Weston mouth when the alert was raised a 75-year-old woman had collapsed on Sidmouth beach.

Beer Coastguard team split into two teams, one to scour the coastline from the clifftop for the paddleboarder, while other members helped the unconscious pensioner.

The pensioner was helped into shade and given care by paramedics.

The team stood down after joining remaining colleagues in the search for the paddleboarder, and finding no one in difficulty.

A Beer Coastguard Rescue Team spokesperson said: “Two team members carried on down to Weston mouth, while the vehicle went to Sidmouth.

“We located the lady who was now conscious but had chest and arm pains, as she had a previous heart attack, we gave her care and managed to get her into the shade, thanks to the Royal York Hotel.

“The ambulance arrived within fifteen minutes and took over her care in the ambulance

“We went back to the previous incident to try and help locate the paddle boarder who was in trouble.

“Our team members did an extensive search from clifftop and beach but nothing found.

“We stood down as there was nobody in difficulty.”

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